Emmentaler Flash Banner


Technical Data:

Size: resized to 250 px * 300 px

Original size: 500 px * 600 px

File size: 315 KB



This is an exemplary banner I made to practise.

I took the pictures of the cheese in our makeshift studio at home (using a Nikon D5000 and a tripod).

I edited them in Photoshop (colour, contrast, alpha background layer, resolution/size), and put all of it in motion in Flash.

The logo is from a Google images search, but could simply be replaced by a higher resolution one. I don't own any rights of the logo.


The logo is clickable and linked to the Emmentaler homepage.

The cheese will turn when the mouse is hovering over the logo. This can be changed - for example the cheese could turn

if the mouse is hovering over the background rectangle.

My first intention was to buy a big piece of cheese but I decided that for my purposes a normal piece from the supermarked would do.

I do not have a contract with Emmentaler.